Let Your Life Flow

Publication date: 6 June 2002 16.99 paperback

"Let the neck be free, to let the head go forward and up, to let the back lengthen and widen."

Let Your Life Flow This affirmation by F M Alexander, over 100 years ago, is the basis of the Alexander Technique. But unfortunately many books on the subject have failed to explain how to "Let the neck be free"...In his time as a lecturer on the Alexander Technique at Middlesex University Alex needed to develop clear theoretical models to explain the Technique to his students. Not just the usual Stimulus/Reaction model but also a new Energy model of the Alexander technique. Also, there is much more to this discipline than just its physical effects on posture and mobility.

Let Your Life Flow by experienced Alexander Technique practitioner and teacher, Alex Maunder, is a thorough guide to how the mind, body and emotions can work as one happy, harmonious whole. He explains the Alexander Technique in terms of energy flow and how we can direct that energy with our thoughts.

This is the first book that seeks to explain the subtlety of the Alexander Technique in clear, modern language. It also shows how the basic principles can be used to process not just physical stress and disharmony, but also disharmony of the mind and emotions.

Alex Maunder studied at The London School of Economics before qualifying as an Alexander Technique teacher with Yehuda Kuperman in Basel, Switzerland. He has been a full time teaching member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique since 1988. He has trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy and has lectured on the Alexander Technique at the Dance & Drama Department of Middlesex University. He lives and works in London and is available for lessons.

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